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This is Neil. He has a few cameras too. And more than a few lights. He joined the team in 2016 because he's not your usual photographer either. After a full season shooting together, he's almost as good as I am. By the end of this season, he'll probably be better. I should stop coaching him.

Hailing from the wet and windy tundra of Scotland, it's little wonder that he also shares my dim view of bubbly, overly-sweet, boring wedding photography.

If you can decipher his broad accent however, you'll find that he's exceptionally easy to be around and still has a sense of romance intact. Weirdly enough he seems to get along with anyone and everyone, and always seems excited to be wherever he is.

A technical photographer in his heart of hearts, there is no piece of equipment Neil won't use to get the very best out you. Expect to be lit up like the Fourth of July, complete with the "ooohs and ahhhs" associated with such photographic fireworks... with the bag of tricks we've worked on since we got together, he has very quickly become the complete package. Like I said, I should stop showing him stuff before he puts me out of business.

All of the important stuff is here, folks...

A consistency in style, an ability to be where he needs to be without being in the way, the people skills to bring the best out of anyone in front of his camera, an attention to detail that ensures nothing is missed, and experience of shooting plenty of weddings the way I myself shoot weddings.

He's the Han Solo to my Luke Skywalker. The Adam to my Jamie. The Lana to my Archer. You should probably go ahead and make him the photographer for your wedding.