Shoot: Danielle & Andrew. Engaged.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So who knew this little gem of a park was just up the road from me? Well, probably hundreds of people, but two of those happened to be Danielle & Andrew, who will be married here in the fall... today was a little colder than it will be then hopefully, otherwise they're going to have an awesome weather story to tell. The drizzle and fog were surprisingly atmospheric to work in, even if my gear was literally coated in ice after the epic tour Andrew took us on... but aside from finally getting to meet these guys in person, I also got a workout, and most importantly, stayed upright for once...

Danielle & Andrew. Engaged. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

A location I didn't know existed, let alone know the spots to hit, always leaves me feeling a little wary going into a shoot. Thankfully, though the weather wasn't perfect, it wasn't awful. Snow on the ground and around freezing degrees, there was a light misting going on, (makes you instantly glad to be completely weather-sealed).

Though the overcast sky was darkening and featureless, in the open it worked very well and gave a nice soft fill; so nice I gave up the lights a few times and shot without, but it was tough staying at lower ISOs for anything sharp in the tighter shots. Once we hit the forested location it was much more exciting to work in and much more challenging..

Man-made planting of these very mature pines gave some great corridors which you just don't find in natural settings otherwise, but it was a bear to work in. For once I wanted to maintain a deeper DoF in a forest, but the ambient was shockingly low. With only the boomed BD, I was forced into much higher ISOs and higher apertures than I'm familiar with using. The snow was also starting to come and the lights were catching everything which actually proved to be fortuitous ad gave some great shots. Towards the end I abandoned the key and just used the backlight shooting at 1600, which just gives an explosion of light behind the subject. Pretty cool, and I can more than live with the noise.

Pleased with the agility that was required with the lighting for this one, and managing to balance everything to create a bunch of different looks from it..