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Jessica & Matt. Engaged.
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 3:26PM

After three or four false starts thanks the glorious weather we've been having, we finally got one off for Jessica & Matt.. a quick five minute drive down the road to one of my favourite spots for a quick commune with nature.. dead nature.. but nature nonetheless. As the wind whipped and the cattail fluff showered around, there was plenty man-handling and hugging as well as an elbow bar at one point and plenty of talk about the *other* website.. all in a days work...

Steph & Mike. Engaged.
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 3:22PM

In town for a weekend of both their own and their friends wedding-related activities, Steph and Mike enjoyed the positively balmy 40's for their engagement session at Menomonee Park, and mercifully managed to avoid both biffing it in the snow or indeed carrying out the veiled threats to give each other a black eye..perhaps too exhausted from wading through the drifts or just their general kick-assery...either way we all left without frost bite and intact so it was, all things considered, a great day...

Kate & Martin. Engaged.
Sunday, December 29, 2013 3:07PM

Lucking into perhaps the only decent day of weather in December, Kate and Martin reported to one of my favourite spots up in Richfield, and muttered nary a word of complaint as I dragged them through forest and field for their modelling debut (replete with sled-hill audience) which as you can see, was completed with heights of kick-assery...  

Irene & Tony. Engaged.
Saturday, December 21, 2013 3:04PM

After Irene & Tony were snowed out a couple of weeks ago, we reconvened this afternoon for a second run at it at my favourite borderline-dangerous derelict warehouse. For added fun, the whole place was coated in thick sheets of ice, so we tottered around like a small gang of GQ octogenarians.. surprisingly no one biffed it, and their composure was impeccable, as were their innate skills on their modelling debut.. one can only hope that the weather will be more balmy for their wedding in a few short months and they can really stretch their legs..  

Lisa & Greg. Married.
Tuesday, December 03, 2013 2:57PM

Final wedding of 2013 and longest wedding of 2013, and I couldn't think of a better pair than Lisa and Greg for it... a couple and their wedding so awesome, it broke my computer *twice* today... but two Blue Screens of Death couldn't stop me from bringing you their wedding in all of it's glorious kick-assery by tonight... hooking up at the Hilton before heading off to the Domes and an impromptu stop at one of my favourite derelict packing houses and putting Dress #2 through it's paces, before getting the formalities out of the way at St. John's and finally to the sumptuous Grain Exchange with a stop in the brewery district for good measure, the party steamed on with toasted marshmallows and a live Big Band (replete with a guest duet flown in from CA for the first dance)...and as if all of that wasn't special enough, it was simply amplified by Lisa & Greg and their fantastic collection of family and friends...love these guys...  

Rachael & John. Engaged.
Sunday, November 24, 2013 2:53PM

After one reschedule for Rachael & John after an unseasonal storm, the weather partially behaved itself and provided some early winter sun to go along with the potentially hypothermia-inducing windchill... yet between climbing on each other and tramping through the undergrowth these two managed not to look completely freezing and didn't mind the tease of starting just as the Packers went into OT... hopefully when we see them the other side of winter we keep the sun but things get a little balmier...   

Shoot: Ellie & Travis. Engaged.
Monday, November 04, 2013 5:14PM

Shivering under the early November lake front sun, the much rescheduled engagement session for Ellie & Travis finally happened... that it was worth waiting for...bit of an understatement, right? Ths slideshow could have been 3 days long... In addition to curbside modelling crash-courses, the family shoot from a couple of years ago really paid off as we navigated O'Donnell Park and across the lawn of the Art Museum with such halcyon memories as the delightful fragrance of the stairwells, huge surges of inconvenient traffic, grabby bushes and the slowest moving Southwest flight ever...Ellie & Travis. Engaged. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.