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Shoot: Samira & Lee. Married.
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 3:50PM

After only a few short weeks since their short engagement session that wasn't short on awesome, once again we present you with Samira & Lee for their Big Little Sunday Wedding. Featuring such highlights as the Knife Dance prior to the cake cutting, a veritable feast of offerings as well as a money shower during the ceremony, to the sound of much cheering and audience participation.. the heavily Persian influences made for a memorable day, which is just as well as folks came from all over the country for it...and little wonder they did for such a fantastic couple.. I mean Lee's portrait direction alone was worth the trip, if not his "Reception Outfit" that made him possibly the most comfortable groom ever...Samira & Lee. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

Shoot: Rebecca & Brian. Married.
Tuesday, September 04, 2012 11:49PM

Labor day? Psht... no time for a holiday when I have this in the pipeline...Pretty sure if these guys weren't dressed up as bride and groom, you wouldn't have known they were getting married... talk about laid back.. I wish I could photograph their wedding every weekend, that's for sure. Though I could do without the broken lens (yes guys, it did break! did I hide it well?) and also do without walking into a pole at full speed with my head (yes guys, I said it was my shoulder, but no, it wasn't)... I could also do without Spanx being such a major theme... Rebecca & Brian. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.  

Shoot: Sarah & Matt. Married.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 6:34PM

Sweeping into town exactly a month after their wedding ceremony in Chicago for a stylish Milwaukee reception, I was lucky enough to cover it... kicking off at the lake front, the weather was chilled but easily better than their frigid day in Chicago, and my last wedding come to think of it...after some awesome on the beach and ushering the unwashed public out of the shots, it was off to the rickety bridge in the third ward, and after risking life, limb and high heels, back to Bacchus for a slick and stylish cocktail party and dinner reception... when you're this awesome, it should be mandatory to have two weddings.Sarah & Matt. Married Again. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo. So this was one of those weddings. The kind where it's not an actual wedding, just the reception, usually as a result of a prior destination event. It's always a nice break from the usual format however, (though I still get somewhat surprised that I miss the other components I quietly curse about on the day).Though in one regard it's easier on me because it's shorter, it does bring certain issues of it's own, namely that you have fewer opportunities to tell your story. A wedding is usually split into about 10 different sections for me, and with this event you basically have two; the portrait session and the cocktail party. The result is that you really have to work much harder to introduce variety.As I ...