Amy & Brandon. Married.
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Monday, May 07, 2018
By Steve Bowman Photography

Excited to get the 2018 weddings off to a start, and it couldn't be with a better couple than the gorgeous Amy & Brandon over in Waukesha... after a panicky first 10 minutes convinced we were at the wrong wedding and a few panicky voicemails we settled into the Loft and got to work under unexpectedly sunny skies.. even with the whole thing being indoors, i still managed to score my first sunburn of the season which was pretty cool too, in a not so cool way of course.. so vows were made, knots were tied and plenty of familiar faces were on deck, so it was then off to Frame Park for the pictures where we found some flowers for Amy and plenty of things to sit and climb on before heading back for the party..definitely going to be the wedding to beat this year...



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