Angela & Jonathan. Engaged.
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Thursday, August 30, 2018
By Steve Bowman Photography

Off to Milwaukee for some Mid-Week Delight with the lovely Angela & Jonathan hanging around Lakefront Brewery (but not in a bad way).. so after scaling a few flights of stairs and narrowly avoiding respiratory arrest, it was on with the show.. and what a show it turned out to be, as these guys played off of each other non-stop the whole time and for being so circumspect about the whole modelling gig, totally kicked it's ass from one side of Commerce St to the other.. the best part of this is I don't even have to wait much longer to see them again in only a few short weeks...hang on.. the even betterer thing is that they promised matching Tom Selleck moustaches for the wedding day pictures. Yes. Thats way betterer.


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