Dani & Dustin. Married.
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Sunday, November 18, 2018
By Steve Bowman Photography

As the end of the season draws close, we definitely saved some of the best for last, with the delectable Dani & Dustin down in downtown Burlington..OK, thats enough alliteration, but sure you can surely understand the excitement considering who we're dealing with.. kicking off for 5 miniutes in the kitchen with Dani and the girls, a quick trip out into the snow and it was off to the venue to hook up with Dustin and his Dudes across the road at the famous Liar's Club.. I mean honestly, its never too early for whiskey, soft pretzels and a turntable playing classic rock.. and so they got their kit on respectively and first looks were had before I moved a small house's amount of furniture around over the course of half an hour for bridal army kickassery, a quick tour of the local brick walls and finally time to prep for kick off...and so it kicked off, vows were made (eventually), knots were tied and everyone hitched off into the ensuing party..after the worst /best drunk human pyramid in history, one last stop outside in the chilly night slightly delayed by drunk women sweeping up dropped beer bottles and it was all over...



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