Niki & Kyle. Engaged.
Monday, July 30, 2018
By Steve Bowman Photography

Finishing up the weekend, and just managing to avoid the rain showers, just down the road with the lovely Niki and Kyle.. after a quick cameo from the incredibly excited Ziva, and it was off on a tour of the park...along with seemingly every mosquito in Waukesha county, but they were absolute stars, managing to keep the swatting and slapping in between shots, and not a peep of complaint when I had them get down into the 12ft cat tails, sitting on any single piece of wood I could find or even laying down on the sketchy grass..whatever I asked for they delivered.. crack a joke about licking each other,?.. its happening...such a great job, and I cant wait to see these guys again in the deepest part of the Wisconsin winter. Well, that part I can definitely wait for...but at least there'll be no mosquitoes.



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