Wedding Posts
Karen & Corey. Married.
Monday, July 16, 2018
Karen & Corey. Married.

Down to Mukwonago for the lovely Karen & Corey for their backyard wedding...I always say that they best weddings are those where it feels more like a huge party where a wedding ceremony breaks out for ten minutes, so these guys had the absolute best wedding, as that's literally just what it bridal party, no speeches, no formal dances.. just a 15 minute ceremony followed by a pig roast, excesses of beer and a fantastic Led Zeppelin tribute band...the whole day boiled down to exactly what weddings, to me, are all about... two awesome people staying true to themselves, getting married and hanging out with all the best people having a great time, and they absolutely NAILED ...

Jeanna & Adam. Married.
Monday, July 09, 2018
Karen & Corey. Married.

Off to the country, more specifically Milford Hills in Johnson Creek for the lovely Jeanna and Adam and their big day... after an epic make up session, the dress went on, Adam was teased from the bar upstairs and the first look was had.. nerves all settled, we just waited for the guests and with the beautiful ceremony site packed to capacity, vows were made and knots were tied.. after that we jumped on a tractor for the ten minute ride 300 yards down the track for pictures with a few thousand flies, then back to the bar and onwards to the party..plenty of beer, couple of speeches and a suspiciously busy dancefloor rounded off a perfect day...  Click Here for Jeanna & Adam's ...

Jessica & Marcus. Married.
Monday, June 25, 2018
Karen & Corey. Married.

A return trip to The Bull up in Sheboygan Falls for the gorgeous Jessica and Marcus.. last seen staggering through the soggy grass of November, they had no such struggles on this brilliantly sunny summer's day, and in fact it seemed everything else that could have gone right for them did.. a couple of sandwiches after arrival to get ready, everyone quickly gussied up and they took the long walk for the first look..with bridal army pictures out of the way, we mounted up and got off to Cedar Grove for the ceremony and a few vows later the real fun got underway..first a bus trip to take over a local bar before meeting up for the second round of pictures, then full steam ahead into the ...

Jaime & Trevor. Married.
Monday, June 11, 2018
Karen & Corey. Married.

Road-trip to Sheboygan Falls for the gorgeous Jaime & Trevor's wedding epic... last seen slumming it around the Fifth Ward, this couldn't have been a different setting at The Bull, nestled in the country...after getting gussied up, it was time to tie the knot under the lightest of drizzle.. some heartfelt vows and a bit of hammering on a box later, it was all over aside from the party.. a quick sojourn with the bridal army and a bit of rallying around the property in golf carts to the maintenance shed and it was off to dinner with plenty of food and beer and a running commentary from the DJ and before you know it we're off outside in the dark for more pictures and a sweaty good ...

Abbi & Jordan. Married.
Monday, June 04, 2018
Karen & Corey. Married.

A return trip to that little Kansasville church for the gorgeous Abbi & Jordan's wedding on Saturday, which understandably was Standing Room Only for the nuptials... only to be expected for these two...then it was off 30 seconds down the road for the bridal army pictures...the limo driver decided to give us the gift of exercise, and after a hike through the park down to the shore of Eagle Lake... the breeze held the mosquitoes at bay and no one lost a shoe in the soggy grass before finally mounting up and heading off to Wales...a couple of detours and tractor traffic jams later we arrived and had another photo tour before heading up to the party..plenty of beer, food and Chasin' Mason ...