Wedding Posts
Dani & Dustin. Married.
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Dani & Dustin. Married.

As the end of the season draws close, we definitely saved some of the best for last, with the delectable Dani & Dustin down in downtown Burlington..OK, thats enough alliteration, but sure you can surely understand the excitement considering who we're dealing with.. kicking off for 5 miniutes in the kitchen with Dani and the girls, a quick trip out into the snow and it was off to the venue to hook up with Dustin and his Dudes across the road at the famous Liar's Club.. I mean honestly, its never too early for whiskey, soft pretzels and a turntable playing classic rock.. and so they got their kit on respectively and first looks were had before I moved a small house's amount of furniture ...

Brianna & Ryan. Married.
Sunday, November 11, 2018
Dani & Dustin. Married.

Welp, the season must be coming to an end because the snow has showed up... not that it seemed to matter to the gorgeous Brianna & Ryan...after getting gussied up with everything absolutely perfect, they kept to the plan and it was off into the frozen grasslands and woods at Glacier Hills...such was the devotion, there wasn't a peep out of the bridal army, some in open toe heels) being dragged into the snow.. and even more impressive was Brianna going full on all-terrain bride to get the very best spots such I didnt complain about pathfinding and having wet feet for the remainder of the day.. and what a day it was... I'm pretty sure Terrace 167 was well over capacity to ram ...

Sam & Tony. Married.
Saturday, November 03, 2018
Dani & Dustin. Married.

Last seen taking a long walk on the beach up in Whitefish Bay, it was finally time for the lovely Sam & Tony to visit my neck of the woods, and we it was we rocked up at Rustic Manor for their big day...blessed with what felt like the best wedding day weather I've had for an age, they tied the knot up in the hayloft with plenty of emotion followed by a lot of silver tape being launched at them, then a quick tour of the facilities with their kick ass bridal party under the setting sun before heading in for dinner and the party.. no DJ? No Problem.. we'll kill the dancefloor anyway..and of course slipping off into the frosty fall night for the last portraits in the pitch black.. a truly ...

Katie & Mark. Married.
Monday, October 29, 2018
Dani & Dustin. Married.

Off to Milwaukee for the gorgeous Katie and Mark and their Downtown wedding...with everything in one place there was plenty of facetime, which is exactly what you want with a couple like this..oh, and a lot of elevator after a lot of getting gussied up, a pretty sweet ceremony, it was time for a short trip on the trolley for a tour of the riverwalk where I was constantly heckled by a bulldog and back to the party..a great meal and some heartfelt speeches later and it was time for the dancefloor to kick off..a quick trip to a stanky alleyway and it was way too soon to say goodnight.. so any time you guys want to get married and do it all again, that'd be more than OK with ...

Lauren & Bret. Married.
Monday, October 22, 2018
Dani & Dustin. Married.

It's been quite a wait for this one to happen, but it finally did.. and so we set off on the road trip out to Mt. Horeb for the gorgeous Lauren & Bret's big wedding day... even gale force winds and an October snow storm couldn't stop things, and so it was we packed into the barn for the final chapter in what has been perhaps one of my favourite trilogies of all time.. seeing so many great people once again, getting called Uncle Steve and getting a shout-out during speeches...truly a special wedding for me you can imagine just how special it was for everyone else there.. windswept pictures, barn heaters, buckets of popcorn and beer, dueling pianos..just a fantastic day for ...