Abby & Dan. Married.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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On a beautiful sunny day, people from 20-something states, three countries and P-Dub descended upon downtown Milwaukee for the wedding of the gorgeous Abby & well as a few hundred charity walkers, a boat race and for good measure a music festival outside the church.. after some spooky overtones over the church's PA system (maybe it was God, maybe it was the Badger game?), married they were and it was off to the beach with their bridal army in tow, with not a bridesmaid in sight, just two sets of brothers who brought the GQ and beer... then off to the Third Ward for more pictures and exploring before settling in at the cozy Cuvee for a lot of food, a lot more to drink and an amazingly indefatigable dancefloor and such an amazing party was never more deserved...


Abby & Dan. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.