HeeJin & Jake. Engaged.
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Monday, April 24, 2017
By Steve Bowman Photography
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Third time lucky for the lovely HeeJin and Jake who road-tripped in from Madison for a less than balmy lakefront session in Milwaukee... after a little sitting and leaning, a tour of the MAM commenced, and as the windchill built up, their modelling debut went from strength to strength.. one can only imagine what they'd be capable of in the depths of January.. that said, it'll be early summer when we return the favour and hike over to Madison for their wedding, but I'm pretty sure they'll kill it even harder than they did tonight. I'll be much disappointed if there isn't a thinly veiled Archer reference in their wedding vows, also...


HeeJin & Jake. Engaged. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.