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material girl?

Now, I know you're planning to use your images on matching fannypacks and probably a huge bill-board on the side of westbound I-94, but even if you're not going to do that (really unlikely given how great you're going to look) you're probably going to want an book at some point... would be really sad to go to all of this trouble, then let them languish on your computer right?

Although you can take care of this by yourself if you're feeling handy, most clients prefer to let me handle it for two reasons..

1) I'll blow your face off with how amazing the custom album design is

2) They know they're horrible procrastinators and despite good intentions won't get around to doing it this side of their kid's college graduation

As with everything I do, it's kept simple. All books are industry-leading flush-mount, lay flat thick-board pages. All books are hand-designed. All books are priced at labor & cost with no mark-ups. All books kick ass.

You have a bunch of cover options: traditional leather (in a rainbow of colours), hard back image-wrap (because you want your face on every. single. surface.) aluminium (yeah, not aluminum, Uncle Sam) some fancy fabric stuff, and finally the mighty glass cover (no matter how amazing you think that is, you might pee a little when you finally see it).

Sizes range from 8x8 up to an enormous 12x16. That's a foot by two and a half feet opened up. The size of a small child. I wasn't kidding about the billboard.

The process is fast, averaging 2-3 weeks from you saying "Hey dude, we want a photobook" to that package of kick-ass being delivered to your door. Don't worry about how I do it.. you need some mystery in your life.