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This is Liza. She also has a selection of cameras. Liza had been stalking my work for a long time until she finally sent me an email with a lengthy resume and portfolio asking whether I was hiring. I was. Especially for someone of her talent. No idea why she felt like she needed me, but don't tell her that.

So it was, that fateful day in 2017 when the United-Kingdom-Brotherhood was broken and we were joined by a lass from Kenosha. She does speak other languages however, if you ask her nicely.

Liza has spent the last couple of seasons working her ass off under the system we've put together, and very quickly building a style that's indistinguishable from my own.

Exceptionally popular with all of the clients we've worked with, while she may not make fun of you the way I would, she has her own ways to bring out the best in people, eliciting some of the best reaction shots around, while calmly dealing with the maelstrom of the wedding day, and not. missing. a. single. thing.

This hard work that she's given me is something reflected in the rest of her life, and her list of interests will exhaust you just listening to them; aside from tackling grad school, she's also into MMA (handy for bridal parties) can hold hour long conversations about cats upon request and once spent twenty minutes with a random wedding guest talking about risky snowboarding in Colorado.. yeah, she teaches that too, by the way.

All in all, Liza is a fantastic member of the team, and you'll be really thankful to work with her.. she brings a fierce love of the job along with all of the tools we've given her, in addition to her own, to produce astonishing work that I'm always proud to give to clients and splash around online.