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This is Pat. No, he's not my brother.


Yes, we both share the same dry sense of humour, have stunning good looks and blonde hair, both wear black outfits, have the same underlying love of weird photography techniques, quit other jobs to do photography full-time, love Indian food, British TV shows, have traveled quite a bit, compete against each other in how many miles we run week after week but aside from that have we're nothing at all alike. His taste in music is terrible for one, and he may show up with a mustache, so roll the dice...

Pat joined us early in the 2019 season after relocating back to Wisconsin, and immediately fit right into the style we were looking for.

The biggest reason we chose him wasn't just his enthusiasm and experience, but because of his eye for unusual compositions, and being able to make contemporary and abstract styles look natural in a wedding setting...

..he continually takes shots that I kick myself for not seeing and taking when I'm shooting the same thing, reminding me why I started doing this in the first place.

Pat quickly picked up on the lighting techniques and our vision, as well as continuing to use his own unique style to produce a really compelling blend that will satisfy anyone looking for photography that's intimate, authentic and a little out of the box while still having a classic documentary theme.

With plenty of experience, and a fantastic handle on how we approach a wedding from start to finish, Pat really is a great choice for practically any couple in any situation.

You can expect an attentive, calm professional who can handle anything from the rowdiest bridal party to the most camera-phobic couple, so you should really let him handle you. That sounds really bad, but it made laugh so I'm keeping it in.