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how it works

You email me about what you want and what you have going on. Generally speaking my level of excitement is proportional to how much information you provide.

If I'm available, we'll talk. If I can persuade you to want to hire me, and you can persuade me to want to be hired, we'll make a deal.

We hook up, create photographic magic, and in astonishing speed, you'll see what we created and minds will be blown.

There'll be no waiting weeks to get your sticky fingers on the work. My time frame is measured in hours and days.

I really don't think it's cool the way most photographers work; Not knowing when you're going to get your pictures, nor how much you'll end up spending. That sucks. Everything is up front here, though. 

I use some really great equipment. Some of it is straight up Star Wars. You're going to look so Hollywood. Most importantly, I know how to use that great equipment. Really well. If anything goes wrong, I have some pretty sweet apps on my iPhone too.

I always work with an assistant, whether it's a small family session or a huge wedding. Yes, you get your own little entourage. We don't wear matching shirts though. I encourage you not to either. Please.

We'll pick great locations, you can wear as many outfits as you want. I draw the line at no outfits at all. We'll work as long as it takes until I feel like I have enough to deliver what you asked me for. In a few hours you'll see online what we did. In a few more hours you'll get your images via download.

If you want prints, you can easily order online at your leisure in the gallery. Want books and other products that will make you drool a little, like eating soup after the dentist? I can totally do that. The only thing I can't do is play tennis.

Primarily I'm a Wedding & Engagement photographer. I can have my arm twisted into other commissions such as HS Seniors and Families. I don't shoot newborns. I will shoot cats and dogs. I may consider other small mammals.