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who i am

I'm Steve. I have a few cameras. This is what I do for a living, not a hobby. I'm not your usual photographer. I don't drink lattes for a start, nor do I channel Zooey Deschanel when I write my bio. The term "capturing memories" gives me a headache.

If you're looking for photographs done the way everyone else has them done, you should probably ask where they got them and see that guy.

I don't take awkward pictures, with people dressed in clothes they don't usually wear doing things they don't usually do... (though I suppose as a wedding photographer, that's exactly what I do.. just way less awkward than anyone else).

There are legions of people who do that, and I really pride myself in not being one of them. I should have a flag or something.

You'll read a lot about 'creativity' on photographer's websites. You'll also see a lot of images that look the same. That's not creativity, that's copying trends.

Creativity should be about showing you the usual things unusually. It should be about using everything in that moment to produce something unique...

...ultimately, it's about dragging your client towards something bigger and better than they expect. It's about giving them experiences and photographs that belong on rock albums and movie posters - not your mom's wedding album. I'm sure it's lovely though. If you can find it.

This is why you hire a professional, and why you want a professional with vision. That would be me. I can also beat the other guys at their choice of video game. That counts for something.

If you already have an epic list of pictures you want recreated from Pinterest, I'm not the person for you. If you can handle giving me artistic license to create some amazing images of our own, while you party your little hearts out all day, I probably am.

If you're a really cool couple (or even just think you are) who just wants to enjoy their wedding day, knowing the photography is well in-hand, then we really need to talk as soon as you can get over to the contact page.

It feels weird having to even say this, but I'm completely ecstatic to do same-sex weddings...

..and btw, if your officiant blows you off on the day, I am an ordained minister of the internet-famous Universal Life Church Ministry, so I can totally save the day. I can sew and arrange flowers too.